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Mariska Roux

My name is Mariska Roux, and my journey with Kumon started in 2002. I was a fourth grader in a good Afrikaans primary school, struggling to find a connection with Maths & English.

I first started the Maths Program on level 3A71, with an introduction to +1; I found my feet very quickly and took well to the structure and discipline of the daily study. Shortly thereafter my parents also enrolled me onto the English Program. As with most students there were some bad days when I didn’t feel like doing Kumon. However, the moment I realized the benefit of the program not only academically but also for life, I became self-driven. In 2007 in my Grade 9 year I completed the English Program, and in 2010 I completed the Maths Program, just before my Matric year really took off.

Being a Kumon Double Completer wasn’t only about the Maths & English. I was asked to attend several awards ceremonies as a speaker, something which is normally totally out of my comfort zone. Today, more than ever, I realize the value of the life skills Kumon taught me. Currently I am studying Industrial Engineering part time through UNISA, and have both the confidence and courage to undertake this challenge.

I am extremely excited about the next chapter in my Kumon journey, being, a Kumon Instructor at Constantia Park. After working as an assistant in several centres I have gained precious experience working hands on with students, assistants and Instructors alike. I am looking forward to bringing a different understanding, knowledge and appreciation for the Kumon program, being very passionate about the impact that this program will have on every student.

In one of the speeches I gave at a Kumon awards ceremony, I said that Kumon is:
N-never giving up,
and I still believe that this is the essence of it for me.


Subjects: English, Maths
Class Times
Monday: 13:30-17:30
Tuesday: 13:30-17:30
Wednesday: 13:30-17:30
Thursday: 13:30-17:30
Friday: 13:30-16:00
Office Hours
Monday: 10:30-13:00
Tuesday: 10:30-13:00
Wednesday: 10:30-13:00
Thursday: 10:30-13:00
Friday: 10:30-13:00
Registration: R400
Subject: R645 per month
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