Welcome to the Langebaan Study Centre

The Langebaan Centre opened in 1999, initially operating from Air Force Base, Langebaanweg. The centre moved from Langebaanweg to Langebaan in 2001.

Our activities are based in the industrial area of Langebaan and at a Child Development Centre in Long Acres, just to the north of Langebaan. The Langebaan North centre caters for pre-schoolers as well as school going children wheeras the Langebaan centre mainly focuses on school going children.

Pre-school learners enjoy individualised exposure to Kumon of between 20 and 40 minutes per subject twice a week. In addition students study and practice an appropriate amount of work at home on a daily basis.

The centre is a parent-free zone thereby allowing the students to work in an environment without distractions. Ample parking and secure venues provide an ideal waiting facility for parents. The unique Kumon method allows for the pursuit of each child’s potential and the development of their ability and independence.

Following an Enrolment Interview, your child will start on the programmes at an individually set starting point, laying a solid foundation for effective learning. Their progress through the programmes will be tailored to their individual needs, ensuring your child continues to grow and achieve.

Students at the centre range in age from three years to 18 years. My well-trained team of dedicated assistants help me to support the students on class days. Outside of the study sessions, I keep parents fully informed of their children's progress and answer any queries they may have during the week. At my centres no achievement goes unnoticed. I believe in positive daily feedback and motivation and also have a yearly Achievers’ Ceremony at which student achievements are celebrated.

With unfailing parental support, your child will develop invaluable study skills and grow in confidence as they become an independent learner.

Kumon’s long-term focus provides children with the self-assurance to take their learning into their own hands, increasing their motivation to succeed.


Subjects: English, Maths
Class Times
Monday: 15:00-17:30
Wednesday: 15:00-17:30
Registration: R300
Subject: R510 per month
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