Study centres in Vereeniging

The Vereeniging area is home to several Kumon study centres. Kumon's study programmes are individualised and tailored to suit the needs of your child.

We develop children’s independent learning skills, rather than teaching them in the conventional sense.

Kumon’s daily study programmes place important emphasis on good study skills such as rhythm, pace, prolonged concentration and working with good posture. This positive attitude to study will benefit each child throughout their life.

Kumon students learn to correct their own mistakes, increasing their confidence in solving problems as well as giving them a real sense of accomplishment.

We believe that there is no cap or limit to what a person can learn. Through focused and frequent study we nurture your child’s ability, enabling them to progress beyond the international standard for their age.

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  Click for Centre Details Instructor Name Phone No.
Map Marker 1 Vereeniging, Risiville Henri Slabbert 08327 14710
Map Marker 2 Vereeniging, Arcon Park Ronel Hoffmann 082 686 2799
  Click for Centre Details Instructor Name Phone No.
Map Marker 3 Meyerton Joleen Slabbert 084 372 3792
Map Marker 4 Vanderbijlpark Leonie Bellingan 082 689 4873