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Common questions relating to buying a Kumon franchise

Q: What are the advantages of buying a Kumon franchise?

Kumon offers a proven business model, and by buying a Kumon franchise you are establishing a relationship with a successful company. You will be able to use our unique Kumon Method and benefit from our extensive training and support. You will also be able to capitalise on Kumon's existing brand awareness in order to gain a return on your investment.

Q: What's to stop Kumon disappearing?

Kumon has been running in South Africa for over 15 years and is a worldwide organisation with over 50 years of experience. In the South Africa, there are over 24,000 students studying with Kumon and over 4.3 million students worldwide.

Q: What does it mean to be a Kumon franchisee?

As a franchisee you get to run your own business, according to a business template designed by Kumon, and use the unique Kumon Method of Learning. The Kumon programmes are designed for students to work independently, with guidance from their Instructor. As the Instructor, your understanding of the programme is vital to the success of your students and you will therefore work through the programme materials as part of your initial and ongoing training.

Q: How much time would I need to invest in a Kumon franchise?

This is a full-time business opportunity, and as such you may not be employed elsewhere should you be approved as a Kumon Franchisee.

Q: What do Kumon look for in a potential Instructor?

We are interested in people who have a passion for education and the development of children, who want to run their own business and are proficient in maths and English. Full training is provided by Kumon. Our Instructors come from a wealth of different backgrounds, but all successful applicants will be educated to degree level or equivalent, have a full driving licence and are eligible to work in South Africa. Every potential Instructor must also pass a proficiency test in both maths and English.

Many Instructors are Kumon parents who have seen how valuable the programme is and have decided to join our expanding network.

Q: When does a Kumon centre open?

A Kumon Centre must be open for a minimum of four afternoons a week for Kumon study. Outside of class, your time must be flexible to the needs of your business. As your business grows you may need to extend your class times and add extra days at the centre.

The first six months can be demanding as you are learning about the programmes and also recruiting your students and staff, so you will need to be prepared and highly organised.

Q: How much money would I need to invest in a Kumon franchise?

When buying a start-up franchise, you will be required to invest a minimum of R60,000. This includes R7,000 for your initial licence fee. In the case of franchise re-sales, a fee is paid to the outgoing Instructor for taking over their business.

Q: How much money can I make as a Kumon franchisee?

This is dependent on your ability to grow your business. However, if you were running an established study centre with a stable student base of over 100 students, you could expect to earn between R30,000 and R70,000 per month after royalties, prior to expenses.

Q: What do I need to pass the proficiency test?

You need to have good maths and English skills, up to matric level.

Q: What else forms part of the application process?

Attending an Information Session, conducting an arranged Centre Visit, an Interview and a Kumon specific business plan all form a part of the application process prior to being invited to attend training.

Training continues for the first year while your centre is operational, until you become fully-qualified. Thereafter there are numerous training and learning opportunities provided by Kumon.

Q: How long is the training?

The initial training is for six days, split over three periods consisting of two days each, with a two / three week gap in between each period. Training is held in Johannesburg. During this training you will be taught all the basics about our unique Kumon programme, running a Kumon centre, and developing your business.

Q: What is the market like in my area?

Each available area is listed on our website. Use the search function or our interactive map, on the Open a new study centre page, to find out if the area you are interested in has been identified as a possible area for expansion. We have carried out extensive research to find out where the market is viable for a Kumon centre.

Q: What marketing support do I receive?

As a Kumon franchisee you are able to use our brand and promotional materials. You will also benefit from our wealth of experience and expertise; this includes adverts, material production and promotional campaigns. You will benefit from our national marketing, the Kumon website, your own microsite and our toll free number to refer new enquiries to you.

Q: Can the study centre be located within any kind of venue?

A Kumon study centre must be suitable for children, of adequate size and condition, and comply with all health and safety legislation. Increasingly our Instructors are moving into retail or commercial office space as this offers high brand visibility, accessibility and signage approval.

Commercial or permanent space - options may include retail or non-retail space such as commercial office space with high brand visibility, accessibility and signage approval. Kumon can provide advice and support prior to approval.

Q: Can I meet an existing franchisee and visit a centre?

A Franchise Recruitment Co-ordinator will provide introductions to existing Instructors and organise a centre visit for you, thereby avoiding disruption to classes.

Q: What checks need to be processed?

As part of the application process you will be required to submit a police clearance certificate to us as well as credit reports from at least two reputable South African Credit agencies. This will take place when you are invited to train with Kumon.

Q: I am thinking of working with a partner, can we both be franchisees for one centre?

No, only one individual can be the franchisee but if you wanted to employ your partner as your senior class assistant this is fine and many Instructors have adopted this model. Only one person can train per franchise and Kumon will only have one contract with the person who signs the licence agreement.

Q: Can I purchase an existing Kumon centre?

Yes. A number of existing Kumon centres become available for purchase each year. A current list of the centres for sale can be viewed on this website. If you are interested in one of these centres, please contact us on 0800 002 775 for more information. We will then provide you with full details on the application process and direct contact with a Franchise Recruitment Co-ordinator who will provide an introduction to the existing Instructor to discuss the purchase.

Q: Can I take Kumon out to the various schools in my area?

A Kumon Centre is Venue specific and may only operate from the one permanent venue approved by Kumon during the application process.