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Atlegang Sehularo

Atlegang's Instructor says:
Atlegang joined the Roylglen Study Centre as a Grade 2 student September 2011. She started started with simple addition and reached her school grade level in February 2012. The rest of her journey was smooth sailing and she is now studying algebra.

What makes her journey so successful is her supportive parents. They are always hands on with the content of each and every book that she is doing. During the past two years her homework has always been done, marked and corrected. This clearly shows the whole family’s commitment.

Although she is only 10 years, old other learners admire her perseverance and high standard of work.

Kumon gave her a lot of confidence and is certainly a determining factor in her being in the top 10 of her grade in her school.

Atlegang's parents say:
As We made a decision to give the program a try after reading a Kumon pamphlet. She started on a free trial period around September 2011. At the end of the trial we enrolled her and we did whatever possible to motivate her at all times.

She enjoyed Kumon thoroughly because it helped her to cope with her maths at school. Her maths really improved and that boosted her confidence in the subject. Her current school performance is excellent and she has been in the top 10 of her grade since the beginning of 2013.

She also successfully reached the set goals in her Kumon centre. The ongoing communication with her Kumon Instructor helps us as parents to know exactly where to support Atlegang at all times.

She really enjoys working on maths problems. This leads to her being selected at her school to attend a Maths Academy on several occasions. Kumon has really has a positive impact on our child’s development.