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Duanne's mum says:
A teacher at school identified that Duanne needs extra maths stimulation as he gets bored in the classroom. The Kumon Maths Programme was recommended as Duanne can then work at his own speed and according to his own ability. At Kumon they placed no limitations on how far Duanne could work beyond school grade level. He determined his own progress and this made him more confident as his achievements were at his own pace determined by him.

The routine of doing daily maths worksheets has lodged a good study routine which has encouraged him to believe in his own capabilities, thus has grown his confidence in maths.

As parents we are part of this mathematical journey at Kumon as the liaison between the Instructor, parents and Duanne are very crucial! This communication process assists with Duanne’s mental mathematical well-being and has created a support team and circumstances in which Duanne can only flourish. As it gives him the opportunity to communicate the pace at which he wants to proceed whilst working many years above his grade level.

Duanne’s confidence in his other subjects has improved due to the fact that Kumon gave him an opportunity to prove to himself, and he can now acknowledge that anything is possible with hard work and dedication. Duanne has learnt to become a very confident and independent learner. This programme has contributed not only to his mathematical skills but to helping him believe in himself.

I am so pleased that Duanne started Kumon as he has never been as confident as he is now. The fact that he takes ownership of his own progress with the support of us and his Kumon Instructor, is a winning recipe!