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Scarlett's mum says:
Scarlett has always been an avid and bright student. She shows great enthusiasm in what she attempts and also affords herself a high standard in whatever she does.

Having said this, Scarlett finds the Kumon programme fun and exciting because of her eagerness to learn. She loves to take down the time and always asks me afterwards whether she had done a good time, which in Kumon terms mean within twenty minutes.

I feel the Kumon programme has given her a sense of responsibility, meaning that when I suggest that we do our Kumon now, she will almost always go and fetch her bag and start. She is still small and some of the days there are hiccups, but then I back off and at a different time period in the day I try again and that usually works.

The way the Kumon English Programme is set out complimented the educational journey that Scarlett has been on before we started with Kumon. Within two months of starting the English programme, all the blocks fell into place and she started to read, which in turn helped her to progress smoothly through the lower levels of the programme.

I feel reading is the most important language aspect to help my child with before starting Grade 1. The fact that she can now read at such a young age just fuels her desire to learn as it opens up her imagination, gives her a sense of achievement and shows her what she is capable of. She loves her storybooks and I just continually point out all these beautiful books that you can now enjoy because of her being able to read.

In terms of the maths programme, well, what can I say? She has grasped concepts very quickly and boasts to me about how fast she can do the worksheets. All in all a student’s eagerness to learn combined with a well set out programme can only lead to success! I have never doubted Scarlett in any way and I tell her "of course you can do it!"

Always at the start of a new maths level there is apprehension of course, but then again I explain to her that we weren't born with everything in our brains; we have to learn the answers. So it is okay not to know the answers!