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Shravan Maharaj

Hello. My name is Shravan Maharaj and I am 6 years old. I start Grade 1 in 2014 and I am enrolled in the Kumon Maths Programme at the Durban North Centre in KZN.

I started Kumon in March 2012 and now I am currently studying multiplication, division and vertical methods. I am on vertical subtraction and I am enjoying it very much.

My family are very proud of me because I am working on work that is ahead of my school grade. I am an ASHR 1 student and at our prize giving last year I received a certificate and a medal. I was very happy to receive these awards and I know that I will find maths easy at school.

Usually I find Kumon easy but sometimes it is hard, like when I started vertical addition. I had to keep the numbers in my head and not write down the carries. This made my mind even stronger. It took a lot of practise and now I find the subtraction easier!

I really enjoy Kumon and I am glad that my mom enrolled me. I feel confident to do maths and I like working on my worksheets every day. Most of the time my mom never has to nag me because my Instructor makes sure that I am working on a level that is just right for me. Not too hard and not too difficult!

The best thing about Kumon is that I teach myself. No one teaches me the worksheets! I use the examples and learn all on my own. This really helped me when I started school.

Thank you Kumon!