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My name is Yolisa Tsoaeli. I started Kumon in October 2009. When I started I was very excited and every Tuesday and Friday I looked forward to going to Kumon, but then Fridays started to get hard because I wanted to spend time with family and friends but after a struggle I accepted the fact that Kumon had to be done and it became like school for me. During, the holidays I did Kumon when someone told me to or reminded, I guess children will always be children. Then, to remind me to do Kumon as a daily routine, I would wake up, brush my teeth, eat breakfast, do my Kumon and enjoy the rest of my day. Well, the routine proved rewarding and I am celebrating it by achieving an ASHR (Advanced Student Honour Role) Level 1 Award.

Kumon helped me a lot with responsibility - every Monday and Thursday I had to make sure that my Kumon homework was marked checked and ready to go to Kumon the next day.

It also helped me do better in school I had a better understanding of the subject and got better grades.

Thank you to all the Kumon teachers for your understanding and patience.

A big thank you to my parents for being there when I needed them.

To all my peers, Kumon will give you an urge to go an extra mile and get good grades at school. When you are thinking about quitting think of the reward you will get when you are the best mathematics or English student at your school.