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Yuichiro's Instructor says:
It gives me great pleasure to write about Yuichiro, who has blown the socks off my approach to instruction and changed my view of the Kumon philosophy. Yuichiro came to my centre from Japan and had a very limited English vocabulary. We did one of the introductory level Enrollment Tests and noted that he could only recognise numbers to 49 and count to 49. However when he started his first session, his mom brought me his achievement certificates for the levels that address multiplication, division and vertical methods. I was shocked and knew I needed to review my initial assessment.

I spoke to the Kumon Support Office who suggested that I believe in myself and do what is best for Yuichiro. His mom said that he had not been doing anything since he left Japan, so I decided to do a more advanced Enrollment Test and he took a very long time so we did the necessary worksheets to revise and re-build his confidence.

This revision helped Yuichiro consolidate his basic skills and created a firm foundation for tackling fractions. Whenever Yuichiro gets a new concept worksheet his face lights up and with great excitement he starts his worksheet. His mom always says he is always happy to do Kumon especially when it is difficult and there is something new to learn.

The challenging worksheets have helped Yuichiro maintain a positive attitude towards learning. This attitude stems from his parents as they have never told him that something is difficult, but rather telling him that step-by-step he can overcome the challenge. This is how he approaches the difficult concepts.

It is truly amazing and a privilege to be able to observe a student of excellence like Yuichiro. His foundation is so solid that when he works on the higher levels he has confidence and the necessary mental agility to calculate with minimal steps. Yuichiro starts a new concept with great excitement and thought. He has all the attributes of an excellent student. He looks at the sum, thinks about it and then only writes down his answer.

I have no doubt that Yuichiro will be a completer and will achieve more than greatness in his academic journey.