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Our programmes: Five features of Kumon Worksheets

At Kumon, we have a desire to create a generation of confident, independent learners who take pride in their studies. Our approach to learning is therefore different to traditional methods of supplementary education. We develop children through the acquisition of independent learning skills, rather than teaching in the conventional sense. With both the English and the maths programmes, Kumon's small-step worksheets enable all students to advance at their own pace.

Kumon worksheets enable students to advance through self-learning. We will demonstrate how this is accomplished by using the maths worksheets as an example. From preschool level material to high school level maths the Kumon programme consists of 4,420 worksheets. Our small-step worksheets enable students to advance steadily on their own. Kumon worksheets increase marginally in difficulty from worksheet to worksheet so that each student can advance from easy to difficult worksheets independently.

Feature 1

Learn how we select students' starting points

Why is the starting point set with work that seems quite easy for the child?


Feature 2

Learn how students improve their calculation skills

Why do we pay attention to the time it takes students to complete the worksheets?


Feature 3

Learn about the way students advance

How do the worksheets help students develop their confidence?


Feature 4

Learn how students are able to work on their own

How do students learn from their mistakes?


Feature 5

Learn how students benefit from the examples

How do students advance independently onto content they have not yet studied?