Welcome to the Dainfern, Mulberry Hill Study Centre

Dainfern, Mulberry Hill Study Centre has been situated in the idyllic Mulberry Hill Office Park in the Dainfern area since 2018. The location provides a serene and calming environment, which facilitates focused and efficient learning.

The centre is managed and instruction offered according to the principles and philosophy set out by the founder of the Kumon Method, Mr Toru Kumon. Each student (starting from as early as the age of three) is treated with kindness and given the opportunity to showcase their abilities and be praised for them.

The centre’s eager and skilled Instructor and assistant focus on developing core work and life skills which will enhance students’ abilities to grasp concepts they may be struggling with, as well as complete learning material efficiently. The centre encourages an atmosphere in which small achievements are recognized and celebrated, as it is in these small achievements that great accomplishments are reached and in so doing, this fulfils the aim of instilling joy and pride in work completed.

The centre is situated in close proximity to most of the schools in the area, as well as conveniently located right next door to Dainfern Square. Parents have the option of waiting at the centre where extensive parking is available, or visiting Dainfern Square to pass the time.


Subjects: English, Maths
Class Times
Monday: 14:00-17:30
Tuesday: 14:00-17:30
Thursday: 14:00-17:30
Saturday: 08:30-11:30
Registration: R400
Subject: R700 per month
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