Welcome to the Equestria Study Centre

The centre is a long existing centre with staff and students that have been with the centre for many years. Student ages at the centre range from four year’s old to adults. The centre is open four days of the week including Saturday mornings.

During centre hours students of all ages are able to do their own worksheet study at the same time. Younger students, which are referred to as ‘early learners’, complete their worksheets assisted by one of the staff, while more independent students work independently. The Instructor’s responsibility is to keep a close eye on all students in case they need assistance.

All students are encouraged to read books from the reading area, and to develop a love for reading.

You and your child/ren are very welcome at the centre.


Subjects: English, Maths
Class Times
Monday: 13:00-18:00
Tuesday: 13:00-18:00
Thursday: 13:00-18:00
Saturday: 09:00-12:00
Registration: R600
Subject: R630 per month
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