The Kumon Method

The Kumon Method of Learning is designed to help any child of any ability progress to their maximum potential and become enthusiastic learners. Through worksheet study and Instructor guidance, students work at the 'just-right' level to build ability and fluency in small manageable steps. Students move up through worksheet levels only when comfortable with current work, ensuring they establish solid learning foundations and confidence in their ability.

Our study programmes are designed to help learners think for themselves and develop strong problem-solving skills, using worksheet examples to try to work out answers independently. Our Instructors observe students learning, using their patience and judgement to offer guidance only when necessary to develop each child’s ability to self-learn. Our worksheet-based study programmes have evolved over the course of 60 years, learning from our students about how best to help them succeed, build confidence and develop self-learning skills for a bright future.

Individualised instruction

Kumon is an individualised learning method that allows each student to study at the 'just-right' level, regardless of age or school grade. This gives all children the possibility to benefit from Kumon, whether they need to build on more basic concepts, be challenged by more complex work or somewhere in between. Through continued study at the 'just-right' level, students progress at their own pace, going on to study work beyond their school grade level.

Instructors determine what level students should be studying at based on ability and fluency. Students start at a comfortable level, allowing them to build confidence, concentration and pace before progressing on to higher level work. Completing work at the 'just-right' level enables students to become enthusiastic learners, believing in their own capability and developing a positive attitude to study.


Kumon’s study programme places great importance on self-learning, encouraging students to discover how to solve problems for themselves. It is Kumon’s belief that in equipping students to learn proactively and developing high academic ability, they will have the best chance of pursuing their short and long-term goals and aspirations.

When introducing new concepts, worksheets show example answers to help students work out the correct process independently and apply this to other similar questions to increase familiarity. Instructors do not immediately give their students answers to their questions. Instead they carefully guide students to be aware of focal points of questions and think about the information that is given in the worksheet, supporting them to solve problems by themselves. Succeeding independently in their learning gives students a great sense of accomplishment and enthusiasm for learning and the motivation to continue.

Small-step worksheets

Kumon worksheets are designed to take students from simple problems to complex problems in very small steps, increasing difficulty a little at a time. This enables each student to develop their skills gradually, studying at an appropriate level and advancing smoothly through the programme. Increasing difficulty in small steps means it is more likely that students will be able to complete worksheets independently, enhancing their self-learning skills.

Some students may grasp particular topics and concepts very quickly and can move up to the next level once their learning is secure. Students needing more time on a particular topic can study this at length until they succeed, ensuring that the pace of learning is right for them and that they develop solid learning foundations and have a positive learning experience. Worksheets are continually revised, learning from our students and Instructors to make our programmes increasingly effective.

Kumon Instructors

Kumon Instructors are focussed on developing the potential of each individual child. They pay careful attention to each student’s academic ability, personality and how he or she studies and solves worksheet questions. They observe their working processes without interrupting, to see how students are coping with their work and if they are engaged and confident in their activities. Based on their observations, Instructors provide effective support to ensure study at a level that is just right.

When students encounter problems that they are unable to solve, Instructors ask questions to find out how much they have understood and give hints and examples to help guide them to solve the problem by themselves. Kumon Instructors collaborate closely with parents to support each child to succeed in their studies. They acknowledge the growth of each student, without comparison to others, offering them praise and encouragement.

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