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The registration and monthly fee varies from centre to centre. Click here to find the fees for your local study centre.
The ethos of Kumon study is to do a little every day to gradually build ability and fluency. Your Kumon Instructor will be happy to discuss each student’s holiday needs and, where possible, will assign work in advance to take with you to continue to build your child’s good study ethic whilst you are away.
Behind every successful student is a supportive parent, and nowhere is this truer than with Kumon study. Your child should be able to complete their daily homework independently as each worksheet builds on skills they will have developed on the previous level. Your child may well ask you for help, but you should ensure that, as far as possible, they complete the work by themselves.
We will work together with you to help encourage your child to achieve their potential. Parents play a key role in facilitating daily Kumon study at home by providing your child with a regular time and place to study; making sure the study area is free of distractions; marking each day's work for your child to correct; providing plenty of praise and encouragement and maintaining good communication with your Instructor. You will be provided with answer books to help you mark your child's work.
As Kumon is a self-learning programme there isn't a need to teach anything at home. Every question and every worksheet builds on the one before. Your role is, therefore, to support and encourage your child. The worksheets will do the teaching and your Instructor will guide them on their journey to becoming an independent learner. You will be provided with answer books to help you mark your child's work.
Kumon is a long-term study programme. For study length commitment, please discuss the agreement that your local Instructor has in place with their students.
Kumon offers the opportunity to study online with an Instructor. Many Instructors run online classes where they observe and guide each student and monitor their progress regularly. If study materials cannot be collected, then delivery by post or courier can be arranged. You can request more information about online classes from a centre offering this service.

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