"I have great belief in this program because it took Shafan out of his darkest days "

Oct 2023

"During September of 2021, I was battling with my child who had a speech development problem and ADHD which made the beginning of his school journey very hectic.

I was called in by the school he is currently attending due to his ability to focus and this affected his school work and the educators were concerned. His speech delay made him extremely frustrated and this affected other children in his class.

We tried speech therapy and after so many lessons my husband and I felt that it wasn't working. I was overwhelmed and became despondent because during 2021, I was called by the principal of his previous school and was told that Shafan should repeat Grade R.

I immediately called Nikki at Tokai Centre who saved me big time! I explained my journey to her and she was on board! She even had a meeting with myself and husband on a Sunday to discuss a way forward and was willing to attend a meeting with the principal and teacher at the school he's at currently at, to work with them to bring my child up to standard.

Months passed and - WOW! Even his speech improved! My child is excelling in school, does his homework on his own, so focused and pressure off me as a parent - who has a busy daily schedule. This is all thanks to Kumon and staff - I can 100% attest to this.

Shafan will be attending Kumon until he's in matric!

I'm excited for my 2-year-old twins to start their journey as soon as they can!

I recommend that each and every parent invest in this program you'll thank me later"

Wafieqah - Shafan's mom