A Letter from Ayesha's Parents

May 2024

"Dear Kumon

I write to you with so much pride and honor. Firstly I would like to thank Adila and her team for being so awesome to my girls. Patience, love and Care are all part of the package at Kumon Makhado. With amazing skill and technique in bringing out the best in every child.

Ayesha Adam my daughter who only turned 6 now in Feb and who is grade R has just finished her level B in mathematics and excitedly received her purple bag onto level C.

From a child who just did what she was told, diligently did her work and sometimes even forced to - is now a happy and proud child who is learning her timetables and finishing more than one book a day out of enjoyment!

She even does the multiplication in Afrikaans! She has such a positive attitude towards mathematics and has somewhat gained and overnight confidence as a person.

Thank you to Kumon for this amazing opportunity to build these little minds into something great!"