Aiden is more than ready for Grade 1!

Dec 2019

Deepa and Anup enrolled Aiden in the Kumon Maths and English programmes when he was in Grade RR. They had heard about Kumon through their niece who was enrolled at Kumon. Aiden’s parents wanted him to be ready for school, and today are so pleased that they enrolled him at such a young age.

Aiden is working over two years above his grade level in the Maths programme, and over a year above his grade in the English programme. What this means is that in the Maths programme, Aiden is doing multiplication of 3 digits multiplied by 1 digit and will soon move onto Division with remainders. In the English programme, he is reading passages and books on his own, and able to answer comprehension questions from a passage he has read - all before he has started with Grade 1!

His mom has always read to Aiden, and read with Aiden. Lorné Golden, Instructor at the Blue Hills Study Centre, says that it is always exciting to see when a student moves from reciting and repeating words in the English worksheets, to actually being able to read, and this happened for Aiden at the beginning of his Grade R year.

Aiden loves to read, and reads a variety of books, with Jack and the Beanstalk being amongst his favourites at the moment. He says that he loves learning new words at Kumon. Dad says that Aiden loves to read signs and streets names when he is in the car travelling with the family.

When you watch Aiden walk in the centre and interact with the staff, you see a confident and self-assured young boy. His parents also describe Aiden as being confident and someone who believes in his ability to do the work, both at Kumon and at school. He knows all the answers at school, and works really quickly. Kumon has benefitted his Maths and English studies as well as his Learning Lab (computer classes).

Aiden is improving all the time. You can see that he has developed the ability to understand work above his grade level as, because as he is doing advanced work his completion times were initially longer, but his times are improving now on the higher levels. He is able to spot his own mistakes when doing corrections. He is able to answer two and more digit sums from left to right by looking at the sum, when initially he would work out each column from right to left.

At Kumon, students who achieve Level C (multiplication and division) by Grade One are honoured with a special purple homework bag, and Aiden can really carry his with pride as he has reached this level even before going to Grade One.

We look forward to all the other things that Aiden will be achieving in Kumon as well as in his school career.