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Grade 5 Kumon student shines as he is awarded 1st place in Star Genius Challenge!

Oct 2022

Star Genius Challenge is a knowledge-based academic competition that challenges teams of students to answer questions covering a variety of subject areas. Star Genius Challenge is developed by the Horizon Educational Trust and Fountain Educational Trust.

All schools send their best students in grade 5,6 and 7 (one student per grade) as a team to represent their school, to compete against each other in the following categories : English, Natural Science, Mathematics and General Knowledge.
11 schools participated in this competition, including 5 Star College Schools, and Star College Durban was the winner!

We are incredibly proud to announce that Akeel from Westville North Kumon Center, was the student selected from his grade, to be a part of the team that took 1st place. Congratulations to his fellow team members, Keshayla and Yuvan, who represented their respective grades as well. This was a remarkable team effort!

Akeel is a remarkable young man, who is only a few levels away from being a Kumon “Double Completer” - and he's only in Grade 5! Well done, young man, we are incredibly proud of you!