Amber and Ryley are close to completing the Kumon English Programme as they go to High School

Dec 2019

Twins Amber and Ryley are currently working through both the Maths and English Kumon Programmes, and are very close to completing the English Programme!

Both Amber and Ryley have been awarded scholarships at school for their academic achievements. The twins are experiencing that doing well with English influences absolutely everything that you do, and as a result, they will be moving seamlessly onto High School.

Mom Jenny says that the comprehension skills that the girls have learnt through the Kumon English Programme has helped them thrive in all their subjects at school. It has greatly improved their general knowledge as well, and given them a passion for creative writing and a love for the English language. At the end of their Grade 7 year, Ryley achieved the highest marks in her grade and was awarded the English Award as well as other subject awards. Amber achieved the General Knowledge Award.

Students experience all genres of books through the Kumon English Programme, through excerpts of both fiction and non-fiction work. This encourages students to read more, and to love to read, as well as increases their knowledge of the world.

Amber says that Kumon has helped her create a good work ethic and understanding. It helps her in her everyday schooling, not just in Maths and English, and has taught her to work independently. Kumon has taught her to study well, and helps her in many different areas, such as with comprehensions and definitions of words.

Ryley feels that it has really helped her in school and increased her comprehension skills. Both her Maths and English marks have gone up as a result. School is not difficult for Ryley because of Kumon, and she feels that it is great that one can go past the level of your grade onto higher grades.

We look forward to them completing the English Programme soon, and to seeing how they advance through the Maths Programme.