Chidiogo is a published author by Grade 5

Dec 2019

Chidiogo Nwude is working through both the Maths and English Kumon Programmes, and is doing well in both subjects, in and out of school. At Kumon she is working a year above her grade level in the Maths Programme, and over three years above her grade level in the English Programme.

Chidiogo ‘completely loves English’, and has always loved the language. Her family started her on Kumon from an early age, and in Grade R, she was the only person in her grade who knew how to both read and write.

She loves writing her own short stories and started writing books in Grade 3. Her first story was about her Grade 3 teacher. Chidiogo wanted to show people that it is possible to write and publish a book at a young age. She used to write her own booklets, and draw her own illustrations, but was then given a laptop which changed the way she wrote.

In 2019, the family found a publisher who was willing to publish Chidiogo’s first book – something she wrote when she was in Grade 3. ‘The Visit to the Amazing Zoo’ was launched in December 2019, with Chidiogo presenting it to her school to initiate the launch. The book is all about Jasmine who goes to the zoo on her birthday. By the end of the trip, Jasmine has a surprise birthday party with all her friends and family.

Chidiogo did not do the illustrations for the published version of the book, but was able to write descriptions for the illustrator, and she is thrilled with the illustrator’s interpretation of what she wanted.

It is so amazing that Chidiogo is a published author by Grade 5. We look forward to all the other books that she is going to write, and feel privileged to be a part of her journey as she further appreciates the English language through the Kumon Programme. We hope that both the fiction and non-fiction excerpts available through the English worksheets are inspiring her creativity as she discovers the books within her that are waiting to be written.