Drishti is prepared for High School in every way

Dec 2019

When it came time to select a High School, Drishti’s family decided to apply for scholarships at top schools in the area. Drishti sat for entrance exams at two schools and was offered a 50% scholarship at the one school, and a 75% scholarship at the other school, which they have now accepted - a scholarship that is from Grade 8 to Matric.

The fact that she is working over a year above her school grade level, on an international level, in the Kumon Maths Programme, assisted Drishti towards this amazing scholarship. Mom, Srabanti was also able to get advice from Matie van den Berg, the Edenvale Study Centre Instructor, as to how to prepare for the entrance exams.

Drishti says that Kumon has helped her think faster when she is doing her sums, and to understand them better. She enjoys being able to repeat books when she needs to, and to be able to understand concepts better. Currently, she is enjoying doing linear equations.

Srabanti says that the Kumon Maths Programme has helped Drishti pick up her Maths marks at school, and she is doing really well. She used to always be ranked 7th or 8th in her class, but is now 2nd or 3rd in her class. Drishti used to have less confidence in Maths, and used to make small mistakes which would cost her. Now, she is much more confident, works with more skill, and is not scared anymore and therefore able to apply herself to her learning with confidence.

Drishti plays Netball and Tennis, enjoys contemporary dancing and likes drawing and sketching – animals mostly. Drishti would like to complete the Maths Programme one day, and would like to become an Accountant when she is older.

The Kumon Programmes provide students with a ‘head start’ to whatever stage they are entering academically, and in life. Our students are ready and prepared for High School, and for higher grades, because we prepare our students for higher level and advanced learning – no matter what their age or life stage.

Drishti is ready for High School, and because of her achievements, is able to go to the High School of her choice. We are excited with Drishti and her family for her High School career, and wish her well.