Farhaan, an English Completer, presents arguments with confidence and skill when doing presentations

Feb 2020

In September 2019, in his Grade 7 year, Farhaan completed the Kumon English Programme, which is an amazing achievement! It all started when his parents heard about the potential of the Kumon Programme through nephews and nieces attending Kumon, and decided to enrol him in the programmes when he was in Grade RR, first in English and then in the Maths Programme six months later.

Farhaan says that the Kumon English Programme has helped him to comprehend information more effectively, as well as to be able to summarise information, which is a benefit for all his subjects. It has expanded his vocabulary, and helped improve his command of the English language, including when he is doing a speech or a presentation. Mom Nazira adds that Farhaan had a project at school where he had to present business ideas to a panel on a specific topic. She felt that the critical thinking skills that the Kumon English Programme develops in the students really assisted him with this task. Farhaan was able to think on the spot, make sense of questions posed to him, and to communicate his thoughts quickly and clearly. This helped him present his argument with confidence and to enjoy the experience at the same time. These are amazing skills to take with him as he goes into High School.

Farhaan enjoys reading, mostly fantasy and adventure, with James Patterson being his favourite author at the moment. The Kumon English Programme includes excerpts from both fiction and non-fiction books, and Farhaan enjoyed the fiction more. The worksheets are designed to encourage students to go and find the book to be able to read it in its entirety, and Farhaan says that he often went to find the book that was quoted in the worksheet, to be able to finish reading the story. Farhaan loves buying new books and it is something that the family enjoys doing together.

As a Kumon parent, Nazira feels that you will see the value of the Kumon Programmes in all your child’s learning, not only in Maths and English, as it develops focus, concentration and the ability to understand and assimilate knowledge. She also believes that the Kumon Programmes act as a guide for parents, as it helps to facilitate the development of your children in a structured, well thought-out and formal way. Farhaan’s younger sister is also doing both Kumon Maths and English, and Nazira experiences that Maths is a breeze at school for both children – something that they enjoy and is a part of them. Nazira feels that it is important to check in regularly with your children as they do their worksheets, but it is also important to step back and allow them to accept responsibility for their studies. Having the support of Bianca and her team at the Kumon Centre has been encouraging to the family too.

Advice from Farhaan for other Kumon students wanting to complete the English Programme is to try and do all your work when you get it – don’t procrastinate. Once you have finished for the day, then you are able to relax – even if it was difficult work to do.

Farhaan would like to complete the Maths Programme as well, and is currently working over two years above his school grade level in this subject. After school Farhaan would like to study to become either a Mechanical or Robotic Engineer; he has always had a passion for building things.  We wish Farhaan well, and look forward to him completing the Maths Programme, as well as excelling at his High School studies.