From 40% to University Success

May 2023

Jason, a past student at the Bryanston Kumon Centre, is making excellent progress at university, with thanks to Kumon’s help. Mom Kerry told us his story:

“My child was getting 40% in Maths at school and was informed that he would never be able to do any of the maths /sciences subjects. So we decided to enrol him in Kumon. Jason attended Kumon from Grade 4 until the end of Grade 11 and is now at university in 3rd year studying Mechanical Engineering and doing exceptionally well. All thanks to Kumon for giving him the confidence and understanding that anything is achievable as long as you put the hard work in.

In addition, because I was so impressed with how Kumon helped my eldest child improve in his school work and self confidence, I enrolled my other two children and they also have been soaring to new heights!”