Krish at age five is confident, motivated, disciplined and loves a challenge

Dec 2019

At just five years of age, Krish is described by Zarina Essop, his Kumon Instructor at the Lenasia, Signet Study Centre, as someone who likes to accept a challenge, and who is not daunted by new work as he believes he can do it. He always tries something on his own before he asks questions. Krish grasps concepts very quickly, and retains the information as long-term memory. All of this is put into context when you look at his progress on the programmes and realise that he is working almost three years above the Kumon International Standard for his grade!

Mom Sujatha enrolled Krish in the Maths Programme just before his third birthday. Krish's family have experienced the value of what Kumon has to offer students first hand, as elder son Rishi completed the Kumon Maths Programme during his Matric year, in 2017. Sujatha felt that she wanted Krish to start on the programmes earlier than Rishi did, so that he will complete the programmes before his workload at school gets too much.

Krish is always ready to attend Kumon. After just eighteen months on the programme he was already confident, self-motivated, disciplined with his work, even during the holidays, and he was aware of keeping time. He had only been on the English programme for six months and was learning fast and reading fluently. He loves reading new books.

What does Krish say when you ask him about Kumon? “I love to do English and Kumon (maths). I like pluses. My friends don’t know how to do pluses and minuses.”  Single digit addition seems to be one of his favourite parts of the Maths Programme he has done so far. And his favourite book to read? “The Tortoise and the Hare”, one of Aesop’s Fables.

At school Krish is doing well, finishing his work quickly; he is confident and he is ahead of his classmates. He plays Playball, he loves Bollywood Dancing, and his favourite colour is Gold because it is ‘glittery’. He loves working on his IPAD, writing and drawing, and likes to be kept busy. He enjoys taking something apart, and putting it back together again. His older brother, Rishi, is his role model and his motivation. Rishi says of Krish that he loves to run and to race, and do physical things; he sees him doing athletics when his is a bit older. What does he want to do when he leaves school? At the moment he says he wants to be a doctor.

In terms of mom’s role at home, mom observes Krish when he works on his worksheets but does so without interrupting him; she then marks his work, and observes as he does his corrections. Sujatha is also in regular communication with Zarina regarding Krish’s progress.
We are so pleased that the Kumon Programmes are part of the framework that Krish’s family is making use of to equip their children to be successful. We look forward to seeing Krish’s future progress!