"Kumon connect is one of the best apps ever designed!"

Oct 2023

"Kumon Connect is one of the best apps ever designed. It makes it so easy not to have to deal with all the paper (books) and on the tablet, I can still go back to his previous work.

I gained a clear picture of my child's learning growth and progress from the information provided through Kumon Connect, and from that, I can better support my son, Levan.

It also helps to set goals, he wants to work in order to complete the circle (the progress tracker on the app) of that level, and it motivates him to see his own progress.

He is more motivated to study because of the acknowledgment and support received from the instructor via the messages she can send in the Kumon Connect app.

For me, as a parent, I can understand and see my child's study routines and consistency, and track how my son is doing daily by also looking at his study record, the time he spent, and his progress on that specific level.

It is so convenient, and it's so easy my son is six and he can open his worksheets, start working, and submit them: 1, 2, 3, Done!

He relates to technology and that keeps him motivated "