Kumon is fostering important foundational skills for Chulumanco

Dec 2023

"We enrolled our 4-year-old daughter in Kumon, and it has been a decision we're immensely glad we made. Since starting, we've witnessed her remarkable growth in leaps and bounds. Kumon has played a pivotal role in nurturing her skills in both mathematics and English. Moreover, the emphasis on pencil control has been incredibly beneficial, contributing not only to her academic development but also to fostering important foundational skills.

The structured approach of Kumon has not only improved her proficiency in key subjects but has also imparted a sense of discipline and commitment. We've observed her confidence soar as she successfully tackles the challenges presented in her coursework. This early exposure to a structured learning environment is undoubtedly laying a robust foundation for her scholastic journey.

As parents, we appreciate how Kumon goes beyond conventional teaching methods, focusing on holistic development. The impact on her mathematical and linguistic abilities is evident, and we are confident that this early investment will significantly enhance her overall scholastic readiness. We look forward to witnessing her continued progress and success with the invaluable support of Kumon.

I want to express my gratitude and commend Fatima and her amazing team, who are undoubtedly the absolute best with the kids. Their dedication and skill in handling the children's needs have made a significant impact, and I couldn't be more appreciative. Additionally, their spot-on communication style, as if I were right there in the classroom, has been invaluable. It's wonderful to know that my child is not only in capable hands but also part of an environment where effective communication is a priority. Kudos to Fatima and the team for their exceptional work!"