Rebekah has the confidence to apply herself to new learning and activities

Dec 2019

The Kumon Programmes focus on preparing students for higher level learning, no matter what their grade, and developing life skills through the facilitation of the Kumon Maths and English Programmes.

Rebekah is doing both the Maths and English Kumon Programmes, and is working over a year above her grade for both subjects, on an international level. When compared to what she is doing at school, Rebekah says she has been doing work two years beyond what she is doing at school, and experienced this even soon after starting Kumon in Grade 3. Rebekah really enjoys the fact that Kumon aims to get every student above school grade level.

Rebekah describes herself as ‘a quiet child at school’. However, those close to Rebekah say that you can see the effect the Kumon Programme has on the way Rebekah carries herself; they say that she is growing into a leader. In 2019, Rebekah was awarded first place in Grade 6 at her school for the Science Fair, and was selected to represent her school at an inter-school science fair.

The English Programme has helped her with her reading, allowing her to experience all different kinds of books and how the world evolves. She enjoys reading fantasy novels and murder mystery books and says that her favourite book at the moment is Beauty and the Beast: Lost in a Book, by Jennifer Donnelly. Rebekah likes to buy her own books from a ‘travelling bookshop’ that is available to students at school.

Apart from school and Kumon, Rebekah loves playing piano. She has been taking classes for the last six years, but also loves playing by ear and learning from YouTube videos. In 2018, she was asked to play background music at a prize-giving and really enjoyed that. She also enjoys singing, but for now, only sings at home.

Some of the life skills developed in our students include increasing their confidence to apply themselves to new learning and new activities, in every area of their lives. One such example is Rebekah, and we look forward to Rebekah continuing to discover her potential in all areas of her life.