Rocket has her own unique style and pace of learning!

Jan 2024

"My sister-in-law came up with the idea of getting our young kids enrolled with Kumon. I was a little apprehensive but since my brother (9 years my junior) and I had attended Kumon when we were younger - I had previous exposure to the learning institution.

I gave it a chance now decades older and with actual context!

From the moment our family of 3 walked into the doors of the separate office it was, in fact, divine intervention. We not only felt seen but understood! Our first-time parent concerns flew away with a simple hello directed at our daughter. It was not so much a homely feeling but we also felt safe and affirmed with the purpose of our visit.

Fatima creates an environment that does not make you feel like you are setting up "just another assessment" but the beginning of a safe learning and growing partnership - it takes a village. She has created a culture of learning and helped us understand Rocket's strengths and ways to encourage overcoming her weaknesses.

Our daughter who has never lacked confidence or sass, has since come into her own unique style and pace of learning in this short time. She continues to surprise us and reveals that she is not just a ball of energy but has real enthusiasm for her studies.

We, like all parents, are always proud. The independence and confidence she has gained in her visible progress and knowledge are uncanny to anything I have experienced and seen at her stage.

She tackles problems and tells us why she knows the answer, she is articulate with her answers and knows incorrect is not wrong but simply an adjustment of perspective.

She works her sheets independently and explains why inconsistencies have occurred if the case and she is never weary of incorrect answers she is so eager to try each day, whilst never forgetting to remind the whole house she is about to go do her Kumon, so "KEEP IT DOWN PLEASE!" 

We are less worried about her academic career since enrolling but more than that we are more confident in her capabilities, and cannot wait to watch her growth and progress." - Thandi (Rocket's proud Kumon mom)