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3-year old superstar achieves ASHR!

Dec 2022

Rohan’s parents decided to enrol him at such a young age as they say he has always been curious and eager to learn. They add that, "He knew his letters and numbers quite well before he was three years old, and he was also showing great interest in wanting to learn more".

They wanted to explore a professional programme to expand his interest and started reading up more about Kumon. They were very impressed with the fact that the programme could help children as young as two. They felt that Rohan would definitely benefit from it, which he has.

“We're constantly amazed by how easily he picks up new concepts that he learns at Kumon. The focus and discipline towards his learning approach has greatly improved since he started attending Kumon. We're very happy with our decision to enrol him in the programme”.

Rohan can already read and is currently on Level 4A of the English programme. He is also doing addition sums up to +3 and has achieved ASHR1 in the Mathematics programe!