A great foundation for the rest of Tylo's school career

Dec 2019

The middle child of three children, Tylo is a very energetic young man, and he did not always know how to channel this energy properly; mom Simoné was concerned when they decided to put him in school after he had been home-schooled for two years. Simoné enrolled Tylo in Kumon in Grade R, in both the Maths and English Programmes, hoping that it would assist with the transition.

Simoné says that Kumon has been a release mechanism for Tylo. It has helped him with his focus and concentration. It has definitely assisted him in using his energy in a more positive way, keeping him busy, and has made his school work easier for him.

Currently, Tylo is working over two years above his Grade level in Maths, and over one year above his Grade Level in English. He has achieved Level C (multiplication and division in Maths, and in English, tenses and sentence construction, including active and passive voice) by Grade 1, which is an amazing achievement in Kumon!

Tylo has grown to enjoy English novels, and loves reading Roald Dahl books. Tylo is doing so well with his English at school that his teachers entered him into a spellathon that had him competing with students two years beyond his current grade. Tylo placed 5th overall in this competition and was the only Grade 1 student who participated in the Grade 3 spellathon.

Simoné says that Kumon has taught Tylo that a little bit everyday helps you along your way, and that hard work does pay off. Simoné had to sit with Tylo when he did his homework for the first 18 months of his Kumon study, but Tylo is now working independently.

Tylo says that Kumon helps him at school, and makes him smarter, which is clearly seen in that his school results and averages are very high. His overall pass average for the year was 95%.

Jeanetta Taljaard, Instructor at Kumon South Study Centre, says that because of Tylo’s achievements at Kumon in reaching Level C in both programmes by Grade 1, he is guaranteed to do well, as this foundation is the best grounding for the rest of his school career.

We look forward to seeing what Tylo continues to achieve.